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 With fuel prices in Britain, now one of the highest in the country at over £1100 per year there has never been a better time to consider buying a wood burning stove or multi fuel stove, woodburning cooker, boiler stove or oven cooker to help with the cost of heating your home or workplace!!!

Wood Burning Cookers and Ovens

Sometimes referred to as wood cook stoves, these are ideal for country living, our cookers with boilers, cookers and oven stoves are both practical and aesthetic. They burn wood or coal (Multi fuel). Most wood cook stoves are available with boilers and so can be used to heat radiators.

Oven Stoves

We have two models of Prity oven stoves on offer, the FG models are available with or without Boilers and both are multi fuel stoves.

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Liz and Ken (Mid Wales)Olympia StoveWe are happy to recommend the Olympia stove which not only heats the rooms well but also provides an oven that cooks roasts, bread and cakes beautifully! The top hob will also warm food. Economical on wood. All in all very pleased.2012-12-14 11:51:55

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