Wood Burning Cookers, Multi fuel cookers

Wood-fired ovens, also known as wood ovens, are ovens that use wood fuel for cooking

Wood ovens are heated by heat transfer from a separate combustion chamber and flue-gas path. 

Thus, the oven remains "white", or clean from ash. 

Modern wood ovens are made from Steel and or cast iron.

Take a look at our Wood ovens and multi fuel Burning Cookers

All fired by wood or solid fuel they can be used as stand alone Wood Cookers or the Wood Cookers

with boilers can connect and supplement your Central Heating System; or completely replace it!!

The benefits of this system are obvious and are by no means new.

Our wood Cookers and Ovens are used extensively in Europe and are set to feature

much more in the UK as the Price of Gas, Oil and Electricity rockets. 


The New Style Prity W12 2P41 cooker with back boiler £595

This cooker is the newer model of the older Prity W12.

Cooker Features:                                                                         Cooker Dimensions:

12 Kilowatt Back boiler                                                               Width 93 x Depth 58 x Height 80 cm

5 Kilowatt Room heat                                                                  Flue outlet size 130mm (5 inch)

Glass firebox door                                                                       Flue outlet : Top

New rounded doors with fire rope insulation                           Weight: 112 Kg

Chrome Rails

Fire brick lined fire box

 NEWSUPER THERMO MAGNUM COOKER with an internal boiler for your hot water needs.

Super Thermo Magnum for central heating

This is the highest quality and most affordable wood and multi fuel cooker for central heating on the market in its class. Its superior build quality, design and price attract all countries throughout Europe.....Make your home more beautiful and warmer with an absolute affordablefavorite in its class.

This wood/multi fuel cooker is half the price of an AGA cooker but looks and performs more efficient at up to 89 %. 

M.B.S THERMO MAGNUM Wood and multi fuel cooker.

Technical details

  • product dimensions (hxwxd)(mm)    850x950x600

  • firebox dimensions (hxwxd)(mm)    300x400x400

  • oven dimensions (hxwxd)(mm)    280x270x420

  • nominal thermal power (kw)    wood - 21 coal - 21k

  • efficiency(%)    wood - 87, solid fuel - 89

  • thermal power given to water boiler (kw)    wood - 13kw, solid fuel - 11kw

  • thermal power given to room (kw)    wood - 8kw, solid fuel - 10kw

  • quantity of water in the boiler     19 Litres

  • weight (kg)    188

  • flue outlet:   right / left / back / top

  • flue outlet diameter (mm):    130/150

  • water connections:    1 inch bsp.

  • recommended fuel:    wood, Solid fuels

  • maximal operating pressure (bar)    2

  • colors    red, cream, black, gray, stone​


Modern style Victoria wood and multi fuel cooker with back boiler only £799 with free 1 meter connectingflue pipe

EUROPEAN BUILT Cooking stove from the exciting ZONA range.

Built to stringent German DIN standards.

The 12kw Victoria ECO Boiler Cooker is an all-round excellent unit. It is everything you need in a wood cooker. The Victoria Eco boiler cooker will provide heat in every room throughout the home via the central heating system and you can be cooking on it at the same time. The entire top of the stove is a hot plate. There is a removable circular disc above the firebox that uncovers a very hot area for quick boiling. The large oven on the right hand side has a shelf for cooking multiple dishes and is temperature controlled using a chrome lever. The Schott glass oven door has a built in thermometer for temperature regulation.

Boiler SPEC:

The stove will typically supply around 7-8 kilowatts to the water system and around 4-5 kilowatts direct to the room. To calculate your heating requirements - An 8 kilowatt boiler equates to around 28,000 BTU (1kW = approx 3500 BTU) - Your radiators will be measured in BTU. To calculate your requirements add up all of the BTU's of each radiator in the house.This is the Maximum heat output.

The boiler has 2 outlets at the rear. One flow and one return pipe, with 1 inch bsp fittings.

The Victoria Eco cooker with back boiler has an integral steel boiler.

The water boiler will heat 7-8 single radiators.

Nominal heat output  

Room heating output 5.61 kilowatt

Water heating output 4.63 Kilowatt

Maximal heat output

Room heating output 7.0 kilowatt

water heating output 8.0 kilowatt

Maximum operating pressure 2.0 bar

Testing pressure 4.0 bar

Water content 10.30 Litres

Thermal discharger Yes

Efficiency  76.82%

Dimensions:  width 900mm, depth660mm, height 907mm

Oven dimensions:  width 345mm depth, 428mm height, 280mm

Combustion chamber dimensions:  width 306mm, depth 440mm, height, 440mm

Flue diameter: 150mm/6 inch,

Colour: grey

 Weight: 240kg